For the rivers of Northern Patagonia, regulations allow catch-and-release only. Trout reproduction here is completely natural, and it is actually prohibited to artificially stock these rivers and lakes in order to preserve a natural treasure. These elusive, smart, and strong wild trout swim in extremely clear water, fed by snowmelt from the majestic Andes, creating a magnificent challenge for all dedicated sportsmen. 

Limay River

This is the most important river in the National Park, big water flowing out of the huge Nahuel Huapi from its eastern end about 17 km (11mi) from the city, winding through dry, rocky mesas spotted with pine forests and offering wonderful scenery and great weather. It is one of our strongest recommendations for fly-fishing, with countless opportunities for all skill levels, populated with mostly rainbow and brown trout, and some Patagonian perch. From November through March the dry fly possibilities abound, and during the last month of the season, in April, the amazing big trout migrate to the river from the lake. Near Bariloche there are five different sections on the river to choose from, each about 10 miles long. In the course of five days we can potentially go to a different section of the river every day and float about 10 miles each day without repeating fishing areas. Fishing Life’s options include half- or full-day trips, floating and wading. You can lodge in town, or we can camp overnight on the river (typically for two or three nights) spending our days drifting along 50 km (32 mi). The extremely clear water, beautiful scenery, and great fishing make this floating trip something truly unforgettable.

Traful River

This river is located in the northwest area of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It is born in Lake Traful, and it crosses a wide valley in direction towards the east, until its mouth in the river Limay. The presence of salmon of the species Atlantic landlocked Salmon , among others, stands out in this river.

Manso River

This beautiful river flows through the Andean valleys amid native forests and surrounded by fantastic peaks, running through several lakes: Mascardi, Los Moscos, La Medialuna, Hess, and Steffen. Located about 65 km (40 mi) from Bariloche, it offers opportunities for rainbow trout and brown trout. (Full-day trips only)

Pichileufú River

A typical Patagonian river of the steppes, located about 60 km (37 mi) from the city, the Pichi Leufú flows through semi-desert vegetation with amazing views of the mountains. Very safe to wade, it guarantees an unforgettable day for both beginners and experts. (Wading only)