The lakes of the Northern Patagonia, around San Carlos de Bariloche, besides its incredible beauty, are characterized by their excellent fishing of wild trout. In them, is always latent the possibility of catching Brown, Rainbow and Brook trout of really amazing sizes.

Nahuel Huapi

The largest and most important lake in the region, giving the National Park its name, it can generally be viewed as several different lakes due to the size and depth of its seven large branches, each with its own changing characteristics. We fish from a motorboat on this huge lake, angling for very large trout: rainbow and brown mostly, but also some awesome brook trout –though difficult to catch on flies, they are a true challenge. (For fly-fishing, spinning, or trolling)


When on this lake, fishermen never cease to be amazed that they are only 11 km (7 mi) from Bariloche. A particularly protected location, this large lake is a great option for windy days because of its several protected areas, offering beautiful scenery and very good fishing for rainbow, brown, and brook trout.


A spectacular lake practically located within the city limits and only 16 km (10 mi) from downtown, it offers year-round fishing of rainbow and book trout with pleasant views of magnificent lake-side residences and the surrounding Andes peaks.

Los Moscos

The Manso River flows into the eastern shore of this small (4 km long) lake and then back out on the west side, which is perfect for a rowboat trip combining fishing for rainbow, brown, and brook trout all across the lake and along a couple of kilometers of the river.


With fantastic surroundings, this lake is located 35 km (22 mi) away from town. Motorboats are not allowed there, so we fish from a cata-raft (Rowing boat). The beautiful brook trout is very abundant here.


On the southern edge of the National Park, the Mascardi presents exceptionally beautiful emerald green waters with an almost constant view of our highest peak, Mt. Tronador and surrounding glaciers. Only 30 km (20 mi) away from Bariloche, it should not be missed and is home to all three trout varieties that populate the park: rainbow, brown, and brook trout.


This secluded lake can only be reached using 4-wheel drive; located 65 km (43 mi) from town, it is our most remote location, very wild, deep in the heart of the National Park, offering excellent fishing for big rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Fishing Life’s top lake destination, it is always an adventure whether for full-day trips or overnights (2 or 3 nights).


This wonderful lake is accessed only by a single-lane road that allows traffic one-way towards the lake in the mornings and then one-way back in the evenings. Fishing Life only organizes full-day or overnight outings to this fantastic place, and the trip itself makes it worthwhile. Fishing from a motorboat or Cata-Raft both on the lake and on the Manso which flows out of its southern end, we’ll catch mostly beautiful brown trout and rainbow trout.


Regulations do not allow motorboats on this quiet, gorgeous lake whose shores are lined with dense aquatic vegetation. From our rowboats we can use big flies for dry fly-fishing, and if we’re lucky and get a dragonfly hatch –with big trout jumping two or three feet out of the water to catch them– we will have a truly unforgettable day.